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What are Natural ColorMicas™?

ColorMicas™ make resinous flooring glisten with natural crystalline beauty. These unique flakes are derived from a group of sheet silicate minerals, called mica, which iinclude muscovite, phlogopite, biotite, clintonite and others. The mica family of minerals contain highly perfect basil cleavage. Through a highly technical manufacturing process, the distinctive hexagonal atom arrangement of the mica minerals is seperated into sheet-like pieces, seperated into natural color groups and broken down into standardized flakes sizes. These unique flakes provide a natural metallic luster that cannot be achieved with other engineered minerals.

Natural ColorMicas™ resinous flooring media is currently available in 6 unicolor-styles and two standard size ranges (Macro & Micro) that can be blended, mixed and matched to customize your floor and complement any décor.

Natural ColorMicas Advantages
• 100% colorfastness / UV stability
• Unique natural metallic luster
• Excellent chemical resistance
• Sound reducing ergonomics
• Two standardized size ranges
• Extraordinary resilience
• Customizable to complement any décor

• Lab tested resin system compatibility
• Unlimited custom-blending options
• Fast turnaround times
• Custom packaging & labeling options
• No minimum order quantities
• Extreme sales & marketing support
• Knowledgable & friendly service
Natural ColorMicas™ Specification Characteristics
Visual Consistency ASTM E1808
Evaluation Pass
Dry Film Thickness
  Micrometer ASTM D1005
  Mils Dry 3-5 mils
  Visual Evaluation  
  Random Flakes Pass
  Olfactory Evaluation ASTM D1296
  Odorless Pass
Surface Texture
  Visual Evaluation  
  Smooth Pass
  Multiangle Color ASTM E2194
  Metallic Pass
  Xenon Arc Light ASTM G155
  1,000 hours Pass
  60º Gloss Meter ASTM D523
  > 60 unites Pass
Dry Film Flexibility
  Mandrel Bend Test ASTM F137
  Interior Angle ≤ 110º Pass
Natural ColorMicas Custom Blending & Sizing
Custom Blending:
Use ColorMicas to coordinate your floors, countertops and walls with any décor.  Our natural range of unicolor-styles gives you the ability to custom design blends to match any color-scheme.  Either choose from one of our signature blends or creatively mix and match colors using the virtual blend design tool to develop a unique color array that best fits your project. Blend ColorMicas™ to enhance your environment any complement any décor.
Standard Sizes:
Macro (~1/4")

Micro (~1/12")
Natural ColorMicas System Specifications
Typical System Lab Tested Resin Compatibility

For best results, at least 2 topcoats are recommended to embed ColorMicas™ and provide a durable wearing surface.
• Epoxies
• Methyl Methacrylates (MMA)
• Moisture Cure Urethanes (MCU)
• Polyaspartics
• Polyureas
• Polyurethanes
• 100% Solids systems
• Solvent-borne systems
• Water-based systems
• And others...

ColorMicas™, there have been no known resin incompatibilities. However, Torginol® recommends unknown resin compatibility testing prior to use when working with unconventional floor coating chemistries.
Natural ColorMicas Application
Coverage Rate Guidelines (Square Feet per Pound)
Sizes Full Coverage Full Coverage  
Macro (~1/4") 15 - 17 ft² / lb. 25 - 200 ft² / lb.
Micro (~1/12") 13 - 15 ft² / lb. 25 - 200 ft² / lb.
Coverage rates vary depending on customer preferences and application techniques.  Torginol® does not guarantee exact coverage rates. For more information, please consult with your coating system manufacturer.
Natural ColorMicas Recommended Application Enivronments
• Airports
• Art Centers
• Auditoriums
• Auto Dealerships
• Banks
• Banquet Halls
• Bars, Pubs & Taverns
• Boutiques
• Casinos
• Churches
• Concourses
• Corridors
• Countertops
• Country Clubs
• Department Stores
• Financial Institutions
• Foyers
• Galleries
• Garage Floors
• Gentlemen's Clubs
• Hotels
• Kitchens
• Lavatories
• Lobbies
• Lounges
• Museums
• Nightclubs
• Office Buildings
• Restaurants
• Retail Stores
• Salons
• Shopping Centers
• Showrooms
• Spas
• Sunrooms
• Supermarkets
• Universities
• Vestibules
• Wineries
• And more...

Torginol® was founded in 1969 with the goal of becoming the aristocrat of seamless flooring.  Since then, we’ve evolved to become exclusively focused on developing, manufacturing and marketing decorative coating materials that enhance the ergonomic and aesthetic qualities of living environments.  Our materials provide beautification and utility to commercial, industrial, institutional and residential surfaces throughout the world.  Designers, architects and home owners are inspired by the innovative patterns and textures produced by our materials.

Today, Torginol® exclusively manufactures and distributes an array of decorative materials for a variety of niche markets, including: resinous and terrazzo flooring, decorative wall coatings, pool plaster finishes, grouts and mortars, EIFS systems, engineered surfaces, landscaping, fish aquariums, art, craft and hobby projects, home décor accents and others.

At Torginol®, our mission and passion is to enhance living environments by providing our customers with the most inspirational, innovative and sustainable decorative materials on Earth.

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