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Green Products

Through extensive research and development efforts, Torginol has developed healthier green product alternatives for paint and coatings technologies. We continue to invest in our vision of a healthier tomorrow by developing new water-based formulations, optimizing the use of organic raw materials and engineering by-products back into new products.
  Natural Resource Preservation

In an effort to minimize the consumption of natural resources, Torginol partners with only the best raw material suppliers to ensure that our precious resources are being optimized to their fullest potential. The future and quality of life on Earth is important and having enough resources to preserve life is a core element of our improved quality of life Eco-Responsibility program.
  Byproduct Recycling

To ensure that all of our precious natural resources are optimized to their full potential, Torginol's research and development lab has developed processes and formulations that enable us to recycle manufacturing by-products back into raw materials and reuse them seamlessly without compromizing product quality.

  Energy Conservation

From our plant lighting and pneumatics to our fork lifts and production equipment, Torginol has worked with environmental engineers and contractors to ensure that we are optmizing the energy efficieny and effectiveness of our operations.
  Responsible Hazardous Material Handling

An inevitable element of paint manufacturing... From handling and storage to grounding and labeling to shipping documentation and waste removal, Torginol takes the environment impact of harardous materials very seriously. Torginol has partnered with hazardous material experts to ensure that our employees are adequately trained, waste materials are properly disposed of and customers are made aware of the precautions of working with any hazardous products.

Torginol® was founded in 1969 with the goal of becoming the aristocrat of seamless flooring.  Since then, we’ve evolved to become exclusively focused on developing, manufacturing and marketing decorative coating materials that enhance the ergonomic and aesthetic qualities of living environments.  Our materials provide beautification and utility to commercial, industrial, institutional and residential surfaces throughout the world.  Designers, architects and home owners are inspired by the innovative patterns and textures produced by our materials.

Today, Torginol® exclusively manufactures and distributes an array of decorative materials for a variety of niche markets, including: resinous and terrazzo flooring, decorative wall coatings, pool plaster finishes, grouts and mortars, EIFS systems, engineered surfaces, landscaping, fish aquariums, art, craft and hobby projects, home décor accents and others.

At Torginol®, our mission and passion is to enhance living environments by providing our customers with the most inspirational, innovative and sustainable decorative materials on Earth.

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