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Quality Control

Each batch Torginol manufactures is carefully scrutinized by our lab technicians to ensure that all quality paramenters are tested in accordance with our standardized quality specifications. However, quality does not end here.  Because the vast majority of our orders are uniquely customized, each batch goes through a final quality inspection before it is shipped.
  Compliance Certification

Torginol is a Qualified Product Database (QPD) approved manufacturer of military specification paint.  To maintain our status with the U.S. Army Reserach Laboratory (ARL), our lab technicians are required to conduct rigorous tests and measurements for each batch we produce to verify that our products are shipped within the QPD compliance specifications.  Because of the stringent specification requirements set by the ARL for our military paints, we have adopted similar specifications and standardized testing requirements for all our products.
  Color Management

Torginol is synonymous with color.  Therefore, we have developed a sophisticated system for managing color by utilizing advanced spectrophotometer technology and customized software to ensure that every single color we manufacture has a delta ( ∆ ) value of 0.5 or less from the standard. Each of our expert tinters is required to pass the Farnsworth Munsell 100 Hue Test with a score of 10 or less, which designates that they have excellent color discrimination.

  Compatibility Testing

Torginol products are incorporated into a wide range of resinous coating systems, including both water-based to solvent-borne systems, such as methyl methacrylates (MMA), epoxies, polyurethanes, polyureas, polyaspartics, UV curables and moisture cure urethanes, to name a few.  Therefore, we are constantly testing our resinous flooring media with the latest coating systems to ensure compatiblity. Although we have never discovered incompatibility issues with any industry standard resinous coating systems, Torginol recommends compatibility testing with unconventional coatings prior to use.
  ASTM Testing

Because color and size are the two significant attributes in all of the product lines that we manufacture, Torginol has adopted testing standards from the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and invested signficant resources in order to be able to accurately conduct the standardized ASTM test procedures in a controlled fashion. Some of the most common ASTM tests we conduct, include: ASTM G155 to evaluate then effects of sunlight exposure on the color stability of our products; ASTM E1866 to measure the color accuracy of a match to the standard; and ASTM C136 to analyze size distribution.

From engineering production efficiencies and developing customer-specific formulations to innovative color-styles and pioneering applications, Torginol is continuously searching for and testing novel ideas to give our customers environmentally friendly, ergonomically optimized and stylistically designed flooring solutions that will make them more competitive in the future...

Torginol® was founded in 1969 with the goal of becoming the aristocrat of seamless flooring.  Since then, we’ve evolved to become exclusively focused on developing, manufacturing and marketing decorative coating materials that enhance the ergonomic and aesthetic qualities of living environments.  Our materials provide beautification and utility to commercial, industrial, institutional and residential surfaces throughout the world.  Designers, architects and home owners are inspired by the innovative patterns and textures produced by our materials.

Today, Torginol® exclusively manufactures and distributes an array of decorative materials for a variety of niche markets, including: resinous and terrazzo flooring, decorative wall coatings, pool plaster finishes, grouts and mortars, EIFS systems, engineered surfaces, landscaping, fish aquariums, art, craft and hobby projects, home décor accents and others.

At Torginol®, our mission and passion is to enhance living environments by providing our customers with the most inspirational, innovative and sustainable decorative materials on Earth.

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