Our Philosophy

At TORGINOL®, customer service is not just a department, it’s a priority throughout our entire organization. We charge all of our associates with the autonomy to make decisions and do whatever it takes to satisfy the demands of our customers. When customers have a problem, they want fast solutions, and our friendly, helpful and genuine customer service team will go above and beyond to find a solution and create a positive experience.

Our People

Nic Leider
Customer Service Manager
nic@torginol.com | 920-694-4813
LeRoy Braatz
Technical Service Manager
leroy@torginol.com | 920-694-4807
Geoff Pfeiffer 
Customer Service Specialist
geoff@torginol.com | 920-694-4811
Amy Schreurs
Customer Service Specialist
amy@torginol.com  | 920-694-4814
Ty Wagner
Customer Service Specialist
ty@torginol.com | 920-694-4812
Danielle  Morton
Customer Service Supervisor
danielle@torginol.com | 920-694-4816
Maureen Heaney
Customer Service Specialist 
maureen@torginol.com | 920-694-4817
Jayke Bartels
Customer Service Specialist 
jayke@torginol.com | 920-694-4796
Eric Schoerner
Customer Service Specialist 
eric@torginol.com | 920-694-4794
Desiree Rolon
Customer Service Specialist 
desiree@torginol.com | 920-453-0287
Will Werner
Customer Service Specialist
will@torginol.com | 920-453-0286
June Fischer
Order Verification Specialist
june@torginol.com | 920-694-4820
Crystal Keller
Customer Service Manager – Pool Market
crystal@torginol.com | 920-694-4798
Jason LaBouve
Vice President & General Manager 
jason@torginol.com | 920-694-4810
Tom Testwuide, Jr. 
tom@torginol.com | 920-694-4815

Our Services

Experience the TORGINOL® difference. When you call us, we are happy to hear from you! Our dedicated team of customer service professionals is willing to go to any length to support you. If you need help with product selection, we will work with you to find the best solution for your project. If you need assistance with a shipment, we will contact the carrier for a status update. If you need samples or sales tools to promote your business, we’ve got awesome marketing materials to support your efforts! Or if you just want to shoot the breeze—there’s always plenty of time to do that, too.

Knowledgeable Support

At TORGINOL®, our knowledgeable and friendly customer service team has over 50 years of combined experience working closely with our customers. From guidance on selecting the right product solution for your environment, to help choosing the latest color-style trends, blend design patterns and size profiles, to recommendations with coverage rates and application techniques, we are here to support you through your next flooring project!

Customized Solutions

At TORGINOL®, we stand out with our extreme willingness to customize our products and services. These custom products and services include: product formulations, product size profiles, color and blend matching, packaging, labeling, marketing materials, and quality control measures. We provide these services to support the efforts of our customers to sell and market our products and help grow their businesses.

On Time Delivery

At TORGINOL®, we are in business to serve our customers. We are dedicated to stocking vast quantities of our products to service your orders on demand. If you have special requirements to meet the stringent demands of your clients, please contact our customer service team and we will work with you to ensure that your orders deliver on time. We strive to ship nearly all project-sized orders within 24 hours.

Sample Support

At TORGINOL®, we take great pride in helping our customers design color patterns that enhance the decorative elements of their environment. Our skilled sample associates are experienced in creating design patterns that complement a wide variety of decorative mediums by using the products that best suit the demands of your environment. Simply send us a swatch or material to help guide our designers and we will take the time to create a pattern that best meets your client’s specifications. Most samples ship within 24 hours.

Sales & Marketing Tools

At TORGINOL®, we thrive on supporting customers with sales and marketing tools that help them deliver professional presentations to their clients. From product literature brochures and color swatch selection guides, to fan decks with the latest color trends and web-based virtual floor visualizers, we are passionate about supporting the sales and marketing efforts of our customers with continuous innovation in the design and presentation of our products.