Torginol’s Environmental Responsibility

At Torginol, we understand the importance of preserving the future of human ecology and therefore, we strive to create products that are the best in the world and the best for the world. We are continuously working to optimize machinery, formulate products and develop processes that conserve energy and maximize the utility of our natural resources in an effort to make progress towards our environmental ambitions. In every product we make, in every innovation we create, our goal is to leave the planet better than we found it and to lead the industry in making our materials safer for the earth. We at Torginol invite you to join us in our efforts to prolong the evolution of humanity by creating healthier manufacturing processes and products that improve our living environments and the quality of life.

Green Products

Through extensive research and development efforts, Torginol has developed healthier green product alternatives for paint and coatings technologies. We continue to invest in our vision of a healthier tomorrow by developing new water-based formulations, optimizing the use of organic raw materials and engineering by-products back into new products.

Greener Industry

With all the technological advancements taking place in the seamless flooring industry, coating systems are being created with higher quality and contain far more environmentally-friendly components in an effort to take better care of the planet.

Natural Resource Preservation

In an effort to minimize the consumption of natural resources, Torginol partners with only the best raw material suppliers to ensure that our precious resources are being optimized to their fullest potential. The future and quality of life on Earth is important and having enough resources to preserve life is a core element of our improved quality of life Eco-Responsibility program.

Byproduct Recycling

To ensure that all of our precious natural resources are optimized to their full potential, Torginol’s research and development lab has developed processes and formulations that enable us to recycle manufacturing by-products back into raw materials and reuse them seamlessly without compromising product quality.

Energy Conservation

From our plant lighting and pneumatics to our fork lifts and production equipment, Torginol has worked with environmental engineers and contractors to ensure that we are optimizing the energy efficiency and effectiveness of our operations.