Our Philosophy

The TORGINOL® Leadership Team, which includes the most dedicated leaders from across our organization, is charged with inspiring and empowering our talented associates to achieve our mission of improving the quality of life by designing, engineering, manufacturing and marketing innovative and sustainable materials that enhance the aesthetic and ergonomic qualities of living environments.

Our Leaders

Tom Testwuide, Jr.
tomTORGINOL@torginol.com | 920-694-4815
Jason LaBouve
Vice President & General Manager
jasonTORGINOL@torginol.com | 920-694-4810
Scott Gruenke
Director of Finance & Administration
scottTORGINOL@torginol.com | 920-694-4830
Nic Leider
Customer Service Manager
nicTORGINOL@torginol.com | 920-694-4813
LeRoy Braatz
Technical Service Manager
leroy@torginol.com | 920-694-4807
Thomas Testwuide III
International Sales Manager
thomas.iii@torginol.com | 920-694-4809
Kelly Jacobson
Order Fulfillment Manager
kellyjTORGINOL@torginol.com | 920-694-4825
Judy Reimer
Accounting & Human Resources Manager
judyTORGINOL@torginol.com | 920-694-4831
Ann Marie Jacobson
Information Systems Manager
annemarie@torginol.com | 920-694-4838
Dave Frank
Specialty Products Manager
daveTORGINOL@torginol.com | 920-694-4808
Rebekah Chapman
Specialty Products Team Manager
rebekahTORGINOL@torginol.com | 920-694-4787
June Fischer
Order Verification Supervisor
june@torginol.com | 920-694-4820
Grace Gagnon
Marketing Manager
grace@torginol.com | 920-453-0262
Hannah Kaiser
Marketing Manager
hannah@torginol.com | 920-453-0261
Chase Testwuide
Business Development Specialist
chase@torginol.com | 920-694-4835
Paula Kisiolek
Purchasing & Technical Manager
paulaTORGINOL@torginol.com | 920-694-4781
Samara Lor
FLAKE Technical Supervisor
sam@torginol.com | 920-694-4782
Mike Seliger
Operations Manager
mikeT@torginol.com | 920-694-4837
Tsukou Yang
Flake Production Manager
tsukouT@torginol.com | 920-694-4780
Kim Baumann
Maintenance Manager
kim@torginol.com | 920-694-4785