Quality Aggregates for Enhanced Pool Finishes

Surface AccentsTM is a collection of high-quality decorative aggregates designed and engineered to enhance the color and texture of swimming pool finishes.
Our core products: Ceramic Quartz, Resin Quartz, and Glass Beads are available in a range of colors and sizes for a truly customizable experience. These products can be incorporated into pool plaster systems to create a variety of water colors, textures, and effects.

Quartz Grades

Ceramic Quartz

Surface AccentsTM Ceramic Quartz is available in multiple sizes and colors to create a variety of unique textured finishes.

Resin Quartz

Surface AccentsTM Resin Quartz is available in 25 vibrant UV-stable colors, perfect for creating durable and colorful finishes

Glass Beads

Surface AccentsTM Glass Beads create a comfort feel with a luxurious reflective finish.

Standard Glass Beads

Iridescent Glass Beads

Surface Accent Literature